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Tisha and the President
Tisha Gallanter Meets President
Clinton At Her Graduation

by Marty Gallanter
Tyler, MN

“Cross-racial adoption was not an issue in the early seventies when my wife and I adopted Tisha. We wanted a child and this two-year-old was in a foster home. It was a good foster home, with caring foster parents, but the adoption agency said that only about one in a hundred ever found parents once they passed their first birthday.

“None of that mattered. We fell in love with this child and we wanted her as part of our family. That was it! Yes, we knew that raising a child of another race might present some difficulties (and it has) but they were nothing compared to not having this child, or this child not having parents.

“Maybe she would have become a doctor without our help... maybe not. That's not important. What was important was that a child found a family and a family found a child. Because of our own experience, Tisha, her mother and I support President Clinton's plan to protect cross-racial adoptions, to provide tax credits for those who do adopt and help those of limited means to make a wonderful, important life choice.”

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Poems by Children
Armand Bayou Elementary
Houston, TX

If I Were President
by Craig

What would be the first event
If I were really President?
I would try to legislate
Laws that people wouldn't hate.

I would be good, just, and fair,
I would want the people to know I care. I'd abolish smoking and using drugs,
There would be no war, just lots of hugs.

If I Were President
by Brooke

If I were President of the United States, Chief Executive I would be. I'd make sure laws are obeyed And law breakers would pay a fee.

If I were President of the United States, Head of State would be one of my hats, Representing the United States And then traveling back.

If I were President of the United States, National Leader I would be, Protecting the interests of the United States In our pursuit of life and liberty.

If I Were President
by Devin

If I were in charge of the U.S.A., I'd make America better day by day. Legislative, judicial, and executive all three, The branches of government would make us free.

The only war would be one on drugs, I'd do away with gangs and rehabilitate thugs. My main platform would be education, if I were President of this great and mighty Nation.

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Pip the Pundit
Shockwave Animation

<img src="" ALT="Pip">

by Bryan Lewellen
Nashville, TN

“I'm a Multimedia Developer living and working in Nashville. I'm married with no children - just Pip! Pip almost visited the White House when she was 3 weeks old. We had stopped in Washington on our way home from Pennsylvania, where we had bought Pip from the farm near where our car had broken down on the way to a wedding (see, there's a reason for everything). As we walked by the White House we were invited by the Park Police to come in for the tour. We figured they must have seen that my wife was holding a small puppy and that it must have been okay. We went through the gate security - no questions asked - only to be stopped by the Secret Service just steps away from the White House entrance. They were concerned about possible conflicts with K9 units and Socks, the cat. We were kindly escorted out.

“As to why I'm plugging for President Clinton on my web site, all I can say is that if I could put an interactive bumper sticker on my car, I would, but I figured it might work better on a web site.”

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Art Online:Carolyn M. Gravlin created a poster that shows her support for the Clinton/Gore '96 ticket.
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Spotlight: Curt Haufe, New Democrat
Curt Haufe

by Curt J. Haufe, Fremont, MI

“I just turned 45 on October 15th. I live in Fremont, Michigan with a foster son, two dogs and two cats. I'm a high school dropout who went on to get a high school equivalency certificate and became a police officer in my home town of Streamwood, Illinois in 1973. After some health problems came up, I left the police force in 1975. Since then, I have worked in the automobile business. I moved to Michigan in 1990 and worked for an automotive group until the end of May of this year, when I was forced to leave my occupation because of a back injury I sustained in 1992. I am now listed as totally disabled by the Social Security Administration as I can no longer stand (due to the injury) for any length of time, nor can I sit in one place and just manage as I used to do. I had cut my hours down to working only part time, but the employer had little use for me and I was replaced by a healthy, full-time manager.

“I have voted straight Republican all of my adult life, voting for Richard Nixon back in the 70's and staying a loyal Republican until Newt and Bob Dole decided to start playing games with the government and the American public. I did not vote for President Clinton in 1992. I voted strictly Republican then as well. I regret that fact now. I think that President Clinton has done an outstanding job for the American people. I was slow to admit it, but now realize that he was the man we needed in 1992 and is still the man we need in that job in 1996 to lead us into the 21st century. He cares about people. I think itís about time we had a Democrat for President for a long time.”

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