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Harriet Wilson
America 101

Harriet Wilson
Rochester, NY

“My name is Harriet Wilson and I am a junior majoring in computer science at the State University of New York college at Brockport. I am an African American and will be the last one of my mother's 3 children to get a college degree.

“If it wasnít for scholarships, loans and grants, a higher education would have been impossible for me and my sisters. My mother is a very hard working individual, but she has had a difficult time trying to raise 3 children with an income of just under $21,000 a year! I owe a lot to this country because the loans and scholarships have enabled me to go to college. That is why this election is so important.

“Iím voting for Bill Clinton because he cares about people like me. He's not just concerned with a so-called 15% tax cut that won't help me or my education! We definitely need to keep Clinton as president one more term if we want a better future for the young people of America!”

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Ada Marz

9 Reasons to Vote Clinton/Gore

by Ada Marz
Baton Rouge, LA

“I am a sixty-two-year-old female, the mother of three with seven grandchildren, liberal and very proud of it. Clinton reminds me so very much of Kennedy, and I loved that guy.

“I support the Clinton/Gore '96 ticket for the following reasons:

  1. I support choice for women.
  2. People aren't standing in soup lines, losing their homes and farms, they are working. He has done a wonderful job for the economy and unemployment.
  3. He helped restore democracy to Haiti.
  4. There was slaughter in Bosnia, I thought that kind of killing was over with after Hitler. He stopped that!
  5. He at least got Israelis and Palestinians to talk, however I don't think that problem will ever be solved. I like his foreign policy.
  6. Interest rates are low and the stock market is up. I like his economic plan.
  7. He promises not to touch medicare or social security.
  8. I like his education policy.
  9. I like his enviromental policy.
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President Clinton speaks at Univeristy of Central Oklahoma President Clinton at the University of Central Oklahoma

by Holley Mangam

“I would like to thank President Clinton for all the support he has given Oklahoma since the bombing. He is truly a caring man.

“In April, he visited the University of Central Oklahoma, with Mrs. Clinton. I met both of them at their one public speech and told them I would work my rear off to get him reelected. ticket from UCO event
“The purpose of the President's visit was to spend time with victims of the bombing. He and Mrs. Clinton had private time with the surviving victims and families of those who died. He and the surviving children from America's Kids Daycare (destroyed in the bombing) placed a wreath on the grounds where the Murrah Building once stood. This was not a campaign visit, his focus was on the healing of our state.

“The President has shown us how much he cares about the people. Due to his outpouring of support, and from those like him, children who survived the bombing will be able to go to college with monies donated to a special scholarship fund.”

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21st Century Express
Anna Kidman

Anna Kidman
Dowgiac, Michigan

“My name is Anna Kidman. I am 73, have raised a family of 9 children, eight of my own and a foster child, who lost her mother shortly after immigrating to America from Germany. I volunteer my time at St. Vincent de Paul, where I cheer the lonely, feed the hungry, and clothe the poor. In January 1995 I became a widow when I lost my husband, Terry, to lung cancer.

“Recently, President Clinton's train passed through my home town, on his way to the Democratic National Convention. When I heard that his train would pass through Dowgiac, I encouraged everyone I spoke with to come to the train station for a chance to see the President. I inherit my passion and activism from my father, who immigrated to America from Poland in 1912. On election day, my father would put on his suit, go door to door, and encourage our friends and neighbors to vote. Well, the train came, passed through town, and left. We didn't get to see the President. When I told my daughter about the train, she said she would e-mail the President and ask him for a sign that the average person can be heard. So here I am. I was given a chance to tell you why I support the President and Mrs. Clinton.

“The President and Mrs. Clinton, Vice President and Mrs. Gore, are what's good for America. I believe that they have not recieved enough credit for what they have done, and continue to do. It takes a lot of courage to fight for what's right ... and it takes team effort. The policies of your administration are truly focused toward the needs of the American people, not only in the present, but for generations to come. I admire the way the you stood firm in the halls of Congress to protect Affirmative Action, Education, Medicare, the Environment, Welfare Reform and raising the Minimum Wage, which needs to go higher yet. Thank you, President Clinton, for taking on the Tobbacco Industry. It is a great comfort to me, not only because of the loss of my husband, but because I know that you are trying to protect my grandchildren, and all children, from the destruction caused by addiction to nicotine. Yes, it is addictive, even during chemotherapy, my husband, Terry, craved cigarettes.

“Thank you, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. In my community work, I am involved with people of all ages, races, and walks of life. I know it takes a villiage to raise a child. I hate to think of where my foster-daughter, Theresa, would be today had we not been there for her. There are countless other young people that have touched my life through my children. Yes, Hillary, you are right, it is not a new idea, but a way of living that needs to be emphasized in our society as a whole. I am very proud that we have a First Lady who is involved in the social issues of the day, and actively working to find solutions to social needs. Her efforts on behalf of health care reform and the President's program to end illiteracy in America are two such fine efforts. I know that it is difficult to bring about change in a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. President Clinton's vision for America, and his realistic approach, comes at a crucial point in our history. I look forward to seeing you re-double your efforts on these and other important issues. Keep up the good work!

“Everyone should remember to vote on November 5!!! ”

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