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The Big Switch

Melanie Scribner Melanie Scribner and son Randy Jr.

Charlotte, North Carolina

“I switched political parties between history and algebra classes.

“I have been considering becoming a Democrat for about 8 years because during that period of time I have felt less and less represented by the Republican party and more and more that the issues I'm concerned with are being addressed by the Democratic party. As a woman, I am concerned with minority issues, and as a student, I am definitely concerned with education in America.

“I think President Clinton's program to guarantee two years of community college is a good idea. If such a plan were implemented, it would put education in the hands (and minds) of people who otherwise couldn't afford it. Community colleges are more than just technical schools these days. They teach life skills. Not only can a person learn a trade or complete the first two years of a four-year degree at a community college, these institutions teach basic literacy, and English as a second language. They retrain corporate America.

“President Clinton visited my college in July. I was one of the volunteers from the college who helped the presidential staff. The essay on my home page constitutes my observations about Clinton's visit and many people have found them powerful when combined with the photographs that inspired them.”

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A Brighter Future

by Mark Abrams
Warwick, Rhode Island

“Six years ago, I decided to move to New England in 1990 to accept a position as a Design Engineer, but quickly found myself out of a job as the company had to layoff to remain financially solvent. I remained unemployed for most of 1991 until finding another entry-level position. I worked and trained for this large corporation for almost three years before being laid off.

“Before President Clinton's economic leadership, the overall perception of a rudderless economic course added to the instability in the business community and I believe had a direct affect on the working lives of many Americans, not just myself. Unemployment and inflation was high and business investment in infrastructure and new hiring was at a ten year low.

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“I can definitely see how the economic changes in the past three years have impacted my life.”

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“ Now, I've been working for a new company in Southern New England and I feel less worried about my working future. I now have the resources to support a family which freed me to marry my long-time girlfriend. I and my new wife are now in the process of building a new home in a beautiful area of the state.

“I'm convinced that the President has kept extremists from both sides at bay on important social and economic issues by compromising when needed to keep us moving forward as a country. My wife and I consider ourselves as ‘moderates’ and we believe the President and Vice President share our core beliefs in family, the environment, education, and a stable long-term plan for the economy.”

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Ohio Design

Clinton Gore buttons

by Robert Farmer
Upper Arlington, OH

“Dear America's Home Page —

“I used all of the campaign button designs from your website and made an animated gif. I hope you don't mind. Actually, I hope you like it! Take it if you do, and use it as much as you can! Thank you, and you have MY vote in '96!”

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Protecting the Future

by Hank Eliot, Jr.
Hartford, CT

“Dear America's Home Page —

“I just wanted you guys to know that the protection of our environment is the most important issue to me besides the education of my 6 year old girl Mariah. The other day my daughter asked me if the forests and lakes and rivers and air would still be this nice when she grows up. I cried and promised her that they would. Please help me to keep my promise. Thanks and good luck. Al Gore, I salute you as the best and most knowledgable environmental leader in the free world. Peace, Hank

ps... you have my vote!!!!!”

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