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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Obama Spanish-Language Ad Attacks McCain as "Two-Faced" on Immigration

The Obama campaign released a Spanish-language TV ad, "Dos Caras," which accuses John McCain of being two-faced when it comes to Latino voters. The ad associates McCain with harsh anti-immigrant comments made by Rush Limbaugh. The ad will air in the closely contested swing states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada, all of which have large Hispanic populations. On the day the ad was released, McCain made a gaffe with the Hispanic press by not expressing support for the Prime Minister of Spain.

Spanish-language ads have been used in many elections since 1960, when Jackie Kennedy appeared in the ad below.

UPDATE (9/19)The McCain campaign released a Spanish-language ad attacking Obama for suggesting that he would "meet with Hugo Chavez without conditions."

McCain ad "Obama Chavez:"

Translation into English:

Narrator: Did you see who Obama wants to talk with?

Chavez: Go to h*ll, you filthy Yankees!

Narrator: Barack Obama says that he would meet Chavez without conditions.

Chavez: Filthy Yankees, go to h*ll hundred times!

Narrator: He said he would meet in his first year in office.

Chavez: The United States which is behind every conspiracy against our country.

Narrator: He said it was a disgrace that we haven't spoken with them.

Chavez: If any aggression were to come against Venezuela, then there will be no oil for people or the government of the Unites States!

Narrator: Do you believe we should talk with Chavez?

ChavezC: We, you filthy Yankees, know that we are resolute to be free, no matter what happens, and at any cost!

Narrator: In November, you decide.

John McCainJ: I'm John McCain and I approved this message.

Narrator: Paid for by McCain-Palin 2008. Approved by John McCain.

ANNCR: Paid for by McCain-Palin 2008. Approved by John McCain.

1960 Kennedy Ad "Mrs. JFK" with the candidate's wife Speaking Spanish: