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Site Technical Development and Production: Bandwidth Productions

Interface and Graphic Design: Offregister

Art Direction: karlssonwilker inc.

Education Consultants: Center for Children and Technology, Education Development Center

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Executive Producer
Carl Goodman, Executive Director, Museum of the Moving Image

Kathryn Cramer Brownell, Ph.D. (2020)
David Schwartz, Chief Curator, Museum of the Moving Image (1992-2016)

Jason Eppink, Assistant Curator of Digital Media, Museum of the Moving Image

Museum of the Moving Image
Wendell Walker, Deputy Director for Operations, Exhibitions, and Design
Barbara Miller, Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs
Michael Koresky, Editorial Director
Christopher Wisniewski, Deputy Director for Education (2010-2016)
Marco Pietrangeli, Curatorial Assistant (2012)
Mal Ahern, Curatorial Assistant (2008)
Galena Sardamova, Curatorial Intern (2020)

Video Encoding and HTML scripting
Tony Monsanto, Director of Technology Operations (2020)
Jacob Gaboury and Jesse Martinez (2012-2016)

Research and Transcription
Jamie Auriemma, Jacob Gaboury, Maggie Glass, Maria Lund, Tom McCormack, Marion Miclet, Ned Milligan, Vika Paranyuk, Josh Parker, Regina Robbins, Kate Schlauch, Jordan Smith, Thomas Stathes, Ya-Yun Teng, Aidan Tumas, and Melanie Wehrmacher


The Museum acknowledges important in-kind contributions of media production and editing software from Tekserve and website hosting services from Logicworks.

The Museum is grateful to these organizations and individuals for providing video material:

  • AKP&D Message and Media
  • Barely Political
  • Bush Cheney '04
  • Citizens United
  • Andy Cobb (Election ’08)
  • Democratic National Committee
  • Devine Mulvey
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Library
  • Jesse Dylan
  • George Bush Presidential Library
  • Gerald R. Ford Library
  • Jimmy Carter Library
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library
  • John Kerry for President
  • John McCain 2008
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
  • Maverick Media
  • McCarthy Marcus Hennings, LTD.
  • Minnesota Historical Society
  • MoveOn
  • National Campaign Fund
  • Northeastern University Library Archives and Special Collections
  • Obama for America
  • Republican National Committee
  • Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace Foundation
  • Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum
  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
  • Tony and Reenah Schwartz
  • Johan Soderberg
  • Squier Knapp Dunn Communications
  • Stevens, Reed, Curico & Potholm
  • Synthetic Human Pictures
  • University of Kansas
  • Vets for Freedom
  • Vote Vets
  • Jason Woliner

Special thanks to the University of Oklahoma Political Commercial Archive for providing material for the original version of The Living Room Candidate, presented in 1992 at the Museum of the Moving Image.

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