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Monday, January 5, 2009
Election 2008: The Moving Image Event of the Year

The 2008 election was clearly the moving-image event of the year, according to a survey of critics, authors, filmmakers, programmers, and others, published in the Museum's website Moving Image Source. From the joy and exhilaration many felt on election night to the surreal comedy (for many) of Sarah Palin and/or Tina Fey, the campaign season was long, unforgettable, and defined by many memorable TV moments. Sam Adams, Mark Asch, Tom Charity, Scott Foundas, Ed Halter, Mark Harris, Joshua Land, Jonathan Lethem, Karina Longworth, Troy Patterson, and David Schwartz, all weigh in on their favorite moments from the election. Ed Halter found this brilliantly edited video, which somehow envisions the election as an episode of The Golden Girls.