Clinton/Gore '96

The 1996 Presidential Debates. October 9 - St. Petersburg, FL (Vice Presidential Debate)

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The Vice President

Here's a list of issue areas that were raised in tonight's debate and the real Clinton/Gore record. (Click on each issue for the full record).

Economic Growth

Dole Tax Plan

Supply Side Economics

Empowerment Zones



Clinton/Gore Tax Cut Proposals

Social Security



Cutting Government Regulations


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Phillip Rugel — Atlanta, GA
“He was eloquent and presented many thoughtful observations and vision for the future.”

Ellis Baggs
“The debate obviously went to Gore.”

Charles Sensale — Hewitt, NJ
“the Vice President is doing an excellent job of defending the administration's record.”

Tim McBrady — South Portland, ME
“I am totally blown away by Vice President Gore's performance.”

Darren Anderson — Waite Park, MN
“I'm already fired-up for this election, now I'm more so.”

Paul Silva — Roosevelt, NY
“Vice President Gore was incredibly well prepared...”

Kathryn Aaron — Sunnyvale, CA
“Although I am not old enough to vote...”

Maryjane Schwartz — Green Bay, WI
“V.P. Gore proved yet again to be a man of, and for, the people.”

Florence Slater — Scottsdale, AZ
“I have not been so impressed by a politician since seeing JFK many years ago.”

John De Leon — Austin, TX
“I AM better off today then I was during the previous Republican administration.”


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