Clinton/Gore '96

The 1996 Presidential Debates. October 9 - St. Petersburg, FL (Vice Presidential Debate)

Clinton/Gore Supporters Speak Out!

Phillip Rugel — Atlanta, GA

“I am even more proud to be a Democrat after hearing VP Gore speak at the debates. He was eloquent and presented many thoughtful observations and vision for the future. I commend President Clinton and VP Gore on their excellent performances these past few days. ”

Ellis Baggs

“The debate obviously went to Gore. His clearly stated positions and his unfaltering response to questions portrayed a man confident that the Clinton administration's policies are working and will continue to work.”

Charles Sensale — Hewitt, NJ

“While more focused, the Vice President seems to be in control of the flow. It appears that the Vice President is doing an excellent job of defending the administration's record. He is in control!”

Tim McBrady — South Portland, ME

“I have been active as a volunteer for several years & for several different campaigns & have never written a "fan letter" in my life. But, I am sitting here listening to the Vice Presidential Debates & am totally blown away by Vice President Gore's performance. His grasp of the facts & the way he relates to Mr Kemp is fantastic. ”

Darren Anderson — Waite Park, MN

“Watched the V-P debate. The Vice President came across very well. I'm already fired-up for this election, now I'm more so.”

Paul Silva — Roosevelt, NY

“Congratulations to Vice President Gore for coming in my view, well ahead of Mr. Kemp in this debate. Vice President Gore was incredibly well prepared, and quoted respectable and believable references. Especially damaging to Mr Kemp was the V.P.'s constant reminding Mr. Kemp of his opposite stance on his current issues left Kemp frustrated for a direct resoponse.”

Kathryn Aaron — Sunnyvale, CA

“Although I am not old enough to vote, I'm shy one year, I've followed this election and the one in '92 very closely. The person who is elected affects not just voters but everyone who is an American citizen or resident. As a student in the public school, what the federal gov't is doing with tax money affects my life greatly. It is essential that education is put first. Not only that but arts in education. Teachers need to be paid decent salaries. America's youth has to be given a chance because we're working hard towards making a better tomorrow but we need to be shown how by people who care. Clinton has shown that he wants to strengthen values and support education and the arts. For that I laud him. ”

Maryjane Schwartz — Green Bay, WI

“I thought it obvious that Al Gore was far better prepared for this debate. In addition, he was obviously the more poised candidate. V.P. Gore proved yet again to be a man of, and for, the people. ”

Florence Slater — Scottsdale, AZ

“Jack Kemp was decent but had a difficult time trying to defend Bob Dole's positions.Al Gore was nothing short of brilliant. He was incredibly articulate, charming, warm, intelligent.... I could go on for hours. I have not been so impressed by a politician since seeing JFK many years ago. ”

John De Leon — Austin, TX

“After watching the Kemp/Gore debate I could not help but further strengthen my support for the current administration. I AM better off today then I was during the previous Republican administration. So, the Clinton/ Gore ticket has so far garnished my vote this November and the same goes for a lot of my friends and co- workers. Best of Luck!!!”


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