Clinton/Gore '96

October 25, 1996


Today, in Atlanta, President Clinton issued a challenge to younger Americans -- those under 35 -- to plug into the political process, to become active, to get involved in their communities, and to vote for the Clinton/Gore ticket.

The Presidentís address coincided with the Clinton/Gore campaignís announcement of its National Youth Steering Committee and 23 State Youth Advisory Committees.

At a Clinton/Gore rally in Woodruff Park, the President framed the upcoming election as a choice between two Americas -- one that looks forward toward increased economic opportunity, improved educational standards, and a renewed sense of community, or one that looks backward to an era of bloated budgets, skyrocketing debt and deficits, economic disparity and declining living standards. The President called on younger Americans to help him build a bridge to the 21st century. The President also addressed the importance of national service and challenged younger Americans to serve their communities and their country.

"The President understands the concerns of younger voters and believes that his re-election is the best hope younger voters have to secure their economic and social future," said Nicole Boxer-Rodham, Coordinator of Youth Outreach for the Clinton/Gore campaign. "This campaign is about the future vs. the past. Younger voters have a clear choice: do we want to stay on track with a healthy economy, lower interest rates, more jobs, lower crime rates, education for all Americans, and a clean and healthy environment, or do we want to return to the failed policies of the past?"

The Clinton-Gore Administration has been and continues to be committed to real next generation issues such as the deficit, economic growth, education, the environment and the fight against violent crime.

The Clinton-Gore Administration remains committed to tackling the long range economic challenges facing younger Americans and stressing the importance of the next generationís involvement in the political process.

The Clinton-Gore Administration has strengthened and expanded Americaís economy. The deficit has been cut by 60 percent; more than 10.5 million new jobs have been created; we have the lowest unemployment rate in over six years; and interest rates on car loans and home mortgages are the lowest in three decades.

"More young people volunteer today than ever before in our nationís history, they are to be commended for their efforts in their communities, but they need to be reminded that they can have the same impact on National elections. President Clinton reminded them of that today in Atlanta and offered younger Americans a reason to participate. Our generation has a say in what happens to America -- we have choices to make and itís important to exercise them, beginning with this election, by making a choice for our future -- a choice for Clinton-Gore," said Boxer-Rodham.

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