Clinton/Gore '96

October 12, 1996


Instead of discussing the issues of this campaign, or offering their own substantive vision for Americaís future, the Dole-Kemp campaign is trying to divert attention with a cynical exercise decrying negative campaign tactics even as they employ them. Apparently they donít want to talk about why Bob Dole has pledged to abolish the Department of Education; or why he opposes the Brady Bill and the Family and Medical Leave Act; or how he can possibly pay for a half trillion dollar risky tax scheme that Republicans and Democrats alike agree will balloon the deficit and endanger Medicare.

President Clinton continues to discuss issues that concern the direction of our nation. In less than four years in office, President Clinton has changed the course of the American economy. This Administration has reduced the deficit by 60 %. The American economy has responded by creating 10.5 million new jobs. This Administration is making our streets safer for our children -- there are more police on the street, fewer guns on the street and the crime rate is going down. This President has made education a priority, opening the door of higher education to more young people. President Clinton has a vision for the next four years that will build on these accomplishments, with targetted tax cuts for college tuition and expanded IRAs for families.

Thatís leadership in addressing "real problems"

President Clinton has urged that this be a campaign of issues, not insults. The American people will be better served if the Dole-Kemp campaign also lives up to this standard.


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