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Clinton/Gore '96

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which web browser should I use to access the Clinton/Gore ’96 website?

A: We have made every effort to make this site compatible with all major web browsers. There are dozens of browsers in use, however, and some will not format the pages of the site as they were intended. The information should be viewable with any web software, but the later versions of Netscape Navigator will provide the best results; this site uses some techniques that are not supported by other software.

Q: What connection speed is necessary to access this site?

A: Graphical downloads on this site are relatively small, so they should be easily accessible to all users with 14.4Kbps and faster modems. Those of you with Internet connections of 28.8 Kbps, ISDN, or direct connections will, of course, have the best results. The Internet is still unfortunately slow for most users; we apologize for any delays you may experience.

Q: What are the highlights of the site?

A: We’ve tried to provide a breadth of information that will interest a diverse spectrum of people. The entire site is searchable, so if you know what you are looking for, you might begin with our search page. You can also find specific information about your state, or about specific issues. There are biographies of the President and Vice President and their wives, and dynamic economic-growth graphs that illustrate the economic successes of the administration.

Q: Will the Clinton/Gore ’96 website evolve in the coming months?

A: What you see now is only the beginning. Like our campaign, the site will continue to grow and build momentum in the months leading up to the election. Come back often to look for updated technology and information that will help you learn more about Clinton/Gore ’96. And if you have comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you in our America’s Home Page section.

Q: What should I do if I have technical problems?

A: The web is rapidly becoming more user-friendly, but it continues to evolve as a revolutionary means of communication. Some speed bumps in the information superhighway are inevitable. Your Internet service provider or a knowledgable friend should be able to quickly resolve any problems you encounter.

Thank you for visiting the Clinton/Gore '96 Website.

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