Clinton/Gore '96
Tipper Gore

Photo of Mrs. Gore
Tipper Gore is the wife of Al Gore, the Vice President of the United States. Mrs. Gore is well known for her efforts to support children, understand mental health, and combat homelessness.

Mrs. Gore is President Clinton’s Mental Health Advisor. She is committed to eradicating the stigmas associated with mental health problems and substance abuse; she also seeks to ensure high-quality, affordable mental health care.

Mrs. Gore founded Tennessee Voices for Children to support young people with serious behavioral, emotional, substance abuse, or other mental health problems. She co-founded and chaired Families for the Homeless, a non-profit organization that raises public awareness of homelessness, and produced a major photographic exhibit, “Homeless in America: A Photographic Project,” in conjunction with the National Mental Health Association (NMHA).

To draw attention to the violence that children are exposed to through the media, Mrs. Gore helped form the Congressional Wives Task Force. She later founded an organization that encouraged the voluntary labeling of explicit music lyrics and wrote a book about parenting and the media.

Born Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson on August 19, 1948, Mrs. Gore grew up in Arlington, Virginia. She was nicknamed Tipper by her mother. In 1970 she married Al Gore. They have four children: Karenna, Kristin, Sarah, and Albert III.

Mrs. Gore received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University in 1970 and her Master’s degree in Psychology from George Peabody College in 1975. Mrs. Gore worked as a photographer for the Nashville Tennessean until Vice President Gore was elected to Congress in 1976.

A strong proponent of regular exercise, Mrs. Gore jogs, bikes, and enjoys rollerblading with her children.

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Photograph © Allan Tannenbaum/SYGMA