Clinton/Gore '96

The 1996 Presidential Debates. October 16 - San Diego, CA (Presidential Debate)

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The President

Here's a list of issue areas that were raised in tonight's debate and the real Clinton/Gore record. (Click on each issue for the full record).

Keeping Campaign Promises

Best Economy in 30 Years


Dole Medicare Cuts


Defense Budget


Illegal Immigrants and Benefits


Manufacturing Jobs



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John Ruda — Dudley, MA
“Clinton has performed well in each debate and has given himself a well-deserved backing from the American people”

Scott Precher — Manhattan Beach, CA
“...I felt an incredible amount of integrity after that moment and also sensed a President who really cared about us ... the American people.”

Julie Reid — Capo Beach, CA
“I think you did a terrific job tonight and elevated the debate...”

Matthew Eason — Rockville, MD
“I feel he has a better plan for the future and a better understanding of what young people want in the future...”

Dharm Guruswamy — Atlanta, GA
“Clinton fits well on the world stage which will be important as the next President will lead American foreign affairs into the next century...”

Pam Kirby — Russellville, KY
“He focused on the issues relating to our future and solving problems that now face us.”

Dennis Bubla — San Antonio, TX
“He has done more for our country than any president I have come to remember.”

Scott Forbes — Baraboo, WI
“It is wonderful to have a President who is a voice for unity AND is a statesman after all these years.”

Alan Hall — Birmingham, AL
“President Clinton offers a vision to restore the American dream and to bring people together.”

Suzanne Gomez — Martinez, CA
“I and my family are ready to cross that bridge to the 21st century with Clinton/Gore.”

Mark Solomon — Ames, IA
“The President is a man of character and commitment. As a new citizen of the United States, it will be a pleasure to cast my FIRST ever vote for Clinton/Gore.”

Rick Snyder — Shelburne, VT
“The President is to be commended for keeping his focus in the debates on the issues.”


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