Clinton/Gore '96 1996 Democratic National Convention
Convention Highlights

(picture of Christopher Reeve)

"We're all family. We all have value. America does not let its needy citizens fend for themselves. America is stronger when it takes care of all of us."

--Christopher Reeve

(picture of Sarah Brady)

"The battle is not about guns. It's about children. It's about our future."

--Sarah Brady

(picture of Evan Bayh)

"Our children will know whether we met the critical challenges of our time. What will they say of us? Let them say, as with our parents, that our generation has delivered on our promises to our children."

--Evan Bayh

(signs of Hillary Clinton)

"We are all responsible for ensuring that children are raised in a nation that doesn't just talk about family values, but acts in a way that values families."

--Hillary Clinton

Vice President Al Gore

"Tonight Bill Clinton and I offer ourselves as a bridge to the future. We see better days ahead because we have the courage to meet our challenges and protect our values."

--Vice President Al Gore

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