Clinton/Gore '96 1996 Democratic National Convention


Picture of Sheron Rose Etheridge Sheron Rose Ethridge is a delegate from Alabama who was married this past July 20th. She and her husband Steve originally planned on taking a Caribbean cruise after their wedding. Instead, they changed their plans, cancelled their reservations and honeymooned at the 1996 Democratic National Convention.

(picture of Kathy Forader) Kathy Forader is a delegate from Connecticut whose sister, Sarah Palmer Amos, is a delegate from Pennsylvania. Both have been involved in politics since the Goldwater campaign when their mother was a District Coordinator. This will be their first convention as delegates.

(picture of Paul Kraus) Paul Kraus a delegate from Iowa, is the youngest delegate to the Convention. Born 9/25/78, he is our youngest delegate by two months and five days.

Louis Goldstein a delegate from Maryland, has attended more Democratic National Conventions as a delegate or alternate than any other delegate. Mr. Goldstein fondly recalls conventions dating from his first, the 1940 Democratic National Convention held in Chicago. At that convention, Goldstein, now 83,and Albert Gore, Sr. worked the convention hall for F.D. R., concentrating on agricultural states, to helf defuse the controversial "third term" issue. The '96 Convention will be Mr. Goldstein's 14th event.

(picture of Steve Fogelman) Steve Fogelman a delegate from Maryland, sees himself lucky to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention instead of the Republican convention. Once a former College Republican, Fogelman is now a dedicated Young Democrat. Steve worked on the Hill for Senator Trible (R-VA) and was Chair of Students for Bush at James Madison University. He left the party in 1989 as Pat Robertson delegates took over the Party in Virginia. Repelled by the narrowness and paranoia, he joined the Democratic Party in 1989. He volunteered for Clinton in '92 and is currently the Campaign Chair for Steve Eastaugh.

(picture of Sheriff Robert Ficano) Sheriff Robert Ficano is a delegate from Michigan. Ficano is the Sheriff of Wayne County which includes the City of Detroit. He has experienced, firsthand, the positive impact of President Clinton's crime bill -- he says the increased numbers of police officers and drug policies have improved the situation in Detroit immeasurably and are therefore especially valuable to him. Sheriff Ficano is one of the nations leading advocates of handgun safety and drug education. As Sheriff, he has helped create one of the country's finest and most effective Drug Enforcement Units, winning national acclaim for his efforts in asset forfeiture seizures. To further the war on drugs, he recently filed the first civil lawsuit of its kind in the country. Under the 1994 Drug Dealer's Liability Act, drug dealers' victims can sue dealers for their personal assets in Civil Court.

Betty Peck from Havre, Montana, and her 19-year-old granddaughter, Jenny Keleczyc, from Helena, Montana, are cross-generational delegates from their state. Betty Peck is a genuine grassroots activist. She was a Dukakis organizer and a Clinton/Gore '92 campaign coordinator. She organizes her neighbors to make homemade signs, and have potluck suppers to get-out-the-vote. Because of her, Democrats have come to count on Havre. Her granddaughter Jenny is active in Democratic politics herself. She blends her grandmother's brand of down-home, door-to-door activism while, from her mother, she has learned more urban campaign methods. Her mom was the committee chairwoman for Max Baucus and is active in Helena Democratic Politics.

(picture of Velma Jeter) Velma Jeter a delegate from Texas, is 93 and the oldest delegate to the convention. Former President of the Orange chapter of the NAACP, she is one of the founding members of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats. Although this is her first convention, Velma has been politically active on the national level for more than three decades. She attended the original March on Washington, led by the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Three years ago, Jeter travelled by bus to participate in the 30th anniversary of the historic event. In 1993, she attended the President's inauguration and says it is among her proudest moments.

(picture of Ammie Murray) Ammie Murray is a delegate from South Carolina. Ms. Murray has led the effort to rebuild a church, St. John Baptist, that's been vandalized repeatedly since it was first destroyed on January 2nd, 1985. Ammie formed the Save St. John Baptist Church Committee in1985. The KKK threatened her life repeatedly, threatened to hurt her grandchildren and succeeded in killing her dogs.

Through it all, the committee worked every Saturday and in warmer months, every evening at restoring the Church. But, like other churches around the country, last August 16, after being fully restored, the church burnt to the ground. Over the past year, the committee -- which never disbanded -- has been working to raise funds to rebuild the church.

President Clinton visited her area and spoke at Mt. Zion Church. Ammie is an ardent supporter and credits Clinton with motivating the Senate to stiffen the penalties for desecrating a holy place.

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