Clinton/Gore '96

October 30, 1996


The Clinton/Gore ‘96 campaign today announced it will launch the "Just Vote! ‘96 Tour" through the Southwest and Eastern seaboard November 1 - 4. The Tour will take Latino leaders and celebrities nationwide to encourage Latino voters and key Democratic constituencies to ‘tune in and turn out’ on Election Day.

The "Just Vote! ‘96 Tour" will consist of Clinton/Gore GOTV rallies, press events, youth visits, and canvassing neighborhoods. There will be two tours, one going through the Southwest and the other along the East Coast.

The four-day tour will be kicked off at a news conference featuring Honorary Campaign Chair Linda Chavez-Thompson; Henry Cisneros, who is Secretary of Housing and Urban Develop- ment; and Federico Pena, who is Secretary of Transportation; on Friday, November 1, at 9:30 a.m. at the Guadalupe Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Participants in the Southwest "Just Vote! ‘96 Tour" will include comedian Jeff Valdez, TV personality Johnny Canales, Henry Cisneros, Federico Pena, and others. The Southwest Tour begins in Corpus Christi and will go through Laredo and Del Rio, Texas on November 1. The Southwest Tour will return to San Antonio for a rally with President Clinton and then proceed to Tucson, Arizona on November 2. On November 3, the Southwest Tour travels to Pueblo, Colorado; Las Vegas, New Mexico; and Reno, Nevada. The Tour continues on November 4 with stops in Monterey, Fresno and the Central Valley, Santa Ana, and San Diego, California.

The Eastern Coast Tour will include Salsa/Merengue singer Willie Colon, the Barrio Boyz musical group, and actor Michael di Lorenzo. It will stop in Union City, New Jersey on November 2 and Orlando, Florida on November 3.

"The 'Just Vote! ‘96 Tour' is a high-impact Clinton/Gore GOTV effort designed to energize and mobilize Democratic constituencies and to build enthusiasm with leaders and celebrities seen as role models in their communities," said Alan Wheat, Clinton/Gore Deputy Campaign Manager. The rallies and events will reach into the heart of the nation’s Latino communities from the Alamo in San Antonio to the barrios of Chicano Park in San Diego and Union City, New Jersey.

This GOTV initiative builds on the Clinton/Gore ‘96 campaign’s "Adelante con Clinton/Gore" committee and other efforts to reach out to diverse Democratic constituencies and raise turnout to historic levels. "The stakes for Hispanic Americans in this election are very high," said Mickey Ibarra, Senior Campaign Advisor and Director of Special Projects. Further, he said, "the Tour will help us come together as Latinos to re-elect President Clinton and elect other Democrats because of their strong commitment to our community."

For more information about "Just Vote! ‘96 Tour" events in each state, contact the corresponding Clinton/Gore state press secretary listed below.

ARIZONA: Lisa MacSpadden (602)253-9600
CALIFORNIA: Neera Tanden (213)951-1996
COLORADO: Sharon Kennedy (303)832-9696
FLORIDA: Jo Miglino (904)222-9094
NEVADA: Angelina Ornelas (702)822-1211
NEW JERSEY: Jo Astrid-Glading (908)296-8848
NEW MEXICO: Anne Uhring (505)262-9600
TEXAS: Margaret Justus (512)469-6096

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