Clinton/Gore '96

September 23, 1996


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Clinton/Gore campaign today announced that it will celebrate “Family and Medical Leave Day,” on September 24, 1996. On this day, family advocates, business leaders and key legislators across the nation will hold news events in 44 states highlighting the success of President Clinton’s Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), said Clinton/Gore Campaign Manager Peter S. Knight.

September 24 marks the fourth anniversary of Bob Dole’s vote to sustain then-President George Bush’s veto of the Family and Medical Leave Act. The Act enables workers to take unpaid leave to care for a family member without fear of losing their jobs.

President Clinton, Vice President Gore, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Tipper Gore will kick-off these nationwide efforts at events in New Jersey, Louisiana, Connecticut and Tennessee, respectively, on the 24th. “No other piece of legislation has had a more immediate impact on the American family’s ability to stay together in times of critical need. President Clinton’s decisive leadership cut through the special interest politicking that had stalled earlier efforts, and, with passage of the Act, he demonstrated that what’s good for the American family is good for business,” said Knight.

Knight talked about other elements of President Clinton’s strong pro-family record, citing the President’s expansion of the Earned Income Tax credit, which provides tax relief for 15 million working families; signing into law the first increase in the minimum wage in five years; and investment in education through the Goals 2000 initiative. Also, in addition to making the FMLA the first piece of legislation the President signed upon taking office in 1992, President Clinton recently proposed an expansion of the Act.

In the face of clear evidence that the FMLA has not negatively impacted businesses but has helped millions of working Americans attend to family emergencies, and, in general, balance the competing demands of work and family, Bob Dole continues to speak out against family and medical leave, most recently on September 7th in a campaign speech.

Some of the events and participants include a roundtable at Mile High Medical Child Care Center in Colorado featuring Gail Schoettler who is the Colorado Lt. Governor and Diana DeGette who is a Colorado candidate. In Florida, there will be a news conference at Wackenhutt Security Firm in West Palm Beach with Lawton Chiles, who is the Governor of Florida. In Minnesota, Ellen Anderson, Jane Ranum, Carol Flynn, Linda Berglin, Karen Clark, and Donna Robertson, who are current or former state legislators, will participate in a news conference at the State Capitol. Each event will feature people who have been affected by the FMLA.


State-by-State Family Medical Leave Act Events

Activity: Press conference outside local Children’s Hospital, in Birmingham
Surrogates: Marsha Folsom, former First Lady, State Sen. E.B. McLain, Lorane LeGrange, BellSouth employee and FMLA beneficiary

Activity: Roundtable at a day care center
Surrogates: State Rep. Kay Brown, Deborah Bonito, State Party Chair, and family

Activity: Roundtable with city worker and labor leaders, in Phoenix
Surrogates: Craig Tripken, City Council, Lisa Hubbard, FMLA beneficiary, Labor leaders, Pro-FMLA business owner

Activity 1: Press conference with a family physician and families, Contra Costa County.
Surrogate: Dr. Ellen Tauscher, family physician and Congressional candidate

Activity 2: Roundtable discussion, San Diego.
Surrogates: Peter Navarro, Congressional candidate

Activity 3: Press conference at children’s park, Santa Barbara.
Surrogates: State Senator O’Connell, Laura Capps, Congressional candidate

Activity 4: Interviews with Los Angeles area television, radio and press
Surrogates: Families

Activity 5: Interviews with Fresno area television, radio and press
Surrogates: Families

Activity 6: Interviews with San Francisco area television, radio and press
Surrogates: Families

Activity: Roundtable at Mile High Medical Child Care Center
Surrogates: Lt. Governor Gail Schoettler, Congressional Candidate Diana DeGette, Five families

Principal: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Others: Congressman Gejdenson

Activity: Radio interviews with parents
Surrogates: Wayne Cross, MBNA, Patricia Davis, Micro-biologist at VENCA Co, subsidiary of DUPONT

Activity 1: Press Conference at Wackenhutt Security Firm, West Palm Beach
Surrogates: Governor Chiles, Bud Kneti, Wackenhutt company spokesman, Wackenhutt workers that have benefitted from FMLA

Activity 2: Press Conference at Bayfront Medical Center, in St. Petersburg
Surrogate: Bill Nelson, Insurance Commission, Bob Carter, Vice President of Bayfront Medical Center, Jeanne Malchon, State Senator

Activity 3: Press Conference at Baptist Hospital, in Miami
Surrogate: Elaine Gordon, State Rep. Elaine Bloom, State Rep. Larcenia Bullard, State Rep. Annie Bettancourt, State Rep. Laura Jean Edwards

Activity 4: Press interviews in Tallahassee
Surrogate: Lt. Governor Buddy MacKay, Connie Wells, Family Voices

Activity: Press conference at Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop, in Atlanta
Surrogate: Vicki and George Yandel, FMLA advocates (Mr. Yandel was fired when he took time off to be with his daughter who was dying), Cheryl Sarvis, Principal of Jackson Elementary School, Darren McDaniel, owner of Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop, Representatives of BellSouth


Activity 1: Democratic Unity Breakfast
Surrogates: Rep. Neil Abercrombie, Rep. Patsy Mink

Activity: Op-eds and letters to the editor.

Activity 1: Op-ed, press conference, Champaign, IL
Surrogates: Laurel Pressing, Jay Hoffman, Congressional candidate

Activity 2: Op-ed, press conference in Rockford, IL
Surrogates: Katherine Lee, Congressional candidate


Activity 1: Press conference at Aging and In-home Services Center, in Fort Wayne
Surrogates: State Representative Barbara Engell (former Republican, now Democrat), Diane Shappell, owner of the center, Center employees

Activity 2: Workshop on father-friendly workplaces, in Indianapolis
Surrogates: Governor Evan Bayh, sponsor of the event, will discuss FMLA

Activity: Roundtable discussion at AFSCME offices, in Iowa City
Surrogates: Jay Ceyner, National Association of Social Workers

Activity: Press conference on steps of Capitol, in Topeka, KS
Surrogates: Joan Wagnon, former state legislator and family leave advocate, Representative, American Association of University Women, Prof. Forest Swall, Kansas University Sociologist, expert on family leave

Activity: Press availability at Triangle Park, in Lexington
Surrogate: Debi Hartnett, mother and FMLA beneficiary

Activity: Roundtable discussion at Willis-Knighton Hospital, in Shreveport
Principal: Vice President Gore

Activity: Press conference at East End Children’s Workshop, in Portland
Surrogates: State Representative Libby Mitchell, Joe Brennan, Senatorial candidate, Marsha Lowery, single mother, Teacher, Connie Goldman

Activity 1: TV/Radio/Newspaper Push: Target Health Reporters
Surrogates: Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Congressman Cummings, Parents and Pediatricians, HHS Secretary Shalala (Tentative)

Activity 2: Tour at Kennedy Krieger Institute
Surrogates: Pediatrician

Activity 1: Radio interviews in Boston and Worcester, MA
Surrogates: Secretary Reich

Activity 2: Ann Bookman, former Executive Director of National Commission on Family

Activity: Press conference at COBO Center
Surrogates: Rep. Bonior

Activity: Press conference/rally on West Steps of State Capitol
Surrogates: State Sen. Ellen Anderson, State Sen. Jane Ranum, State Sen. Carol Flynn, State Sen. Linda Berglin, State Rep. Karen Clark, Former State Sen. Donna Robertson - key to passing state FMLA in 87, Beth Lerow, mother refused leave

Activity 1: Press conference, in Kansas City
Surrogates: Diane Cleaver, manager of a care facility and wife of Kansas City mayor

Activity 2: Roundtable discussion at offices of business that supports FMLA, in St. Louis
Surrogates: Joan Kelly Horn, former congresswoman that co-sponsored FMLA legislation, Vicki Gubany, R.N., recent beneficiary of the FMLA

Activity: Roundtable discussion with families, in Missoula
Surrogates: Missoula Mayor Mike Kadas, State Senator Vivian Brooke, State Senator Mark O'Keefe

Activity 1: Roundtable discussion at Bob Baskin Park, in Las Vegas
Surrogates: Cheryl Miller, Clark County Commissioner, Tony Wong, business owner, Tricia Smith, school teacher and FMLA beneficiary

Activity 2: Radio interviews
Surrogate: Senator Reid

Activity 3: Op-ed
Surrogate: Governor Miller

Activity: Press conference in lobby of Legislative Office Building, in Concord
Surrogates: Dick Swett, former Congressman, current Senatorial candidate, Deborah "Arnie" Arnesen, Congressional candidate, Dr. Steve Gorin, New Hampshire Health Care Coalition

Principal: President Clinton
Others: Congressman Torricelli, Senatorial candidate, David DelVecchio, Congressional candidate

Activity: Press conference, in Sante Fe
Surrogate: Gloria Tristani, State Corporation Commissioner, Debbi Jaramillo, Mayor of Sante Fe

Activity: press round tables, radio shows
Surrogates: Representative Velasquez, Representative Lowey, Nora Breddis (1st CD Candidate), Carolyn McCarthy (4th CD Candidate), Maria Echaveste (Tentative), Asking Dennis Rivera, 1199 health workers union, Asking Edwin Vargas, UNITE-needle workers union

Activity: Event at Hodgest Taylor Gallery, in Charlotte
Surrogates: Al Russo, President Pro Tem City Council, State Rep. Ruth Easterling, Louise Randel, retired school teacher

Activity: Press conference at office
Surrogates: Glenn Pomeroy, Insurance Commissioner, and family

OHIO: Surrogates: Mary Boyle, County Commissioner, Marie Costas Weber, FMLA advocate

Activity: Press conference at Children’s Hospital, in Oklahoma City
Surrogate: Tammy Price, FMLA beneficiary, Ms. Price's supervisor (Pioneer Telephone ), State Rep. Laura Boyd, Doctor from Children's Hospital

Activity 1: Radio call-ins
Surrogate: Rep. Elizabeth Furse
Activity 2: Op-ed
Surrogate: Laurie Wimmer, former chair of Women’s Commission

Activity 1: Press conference and discussion, in Philadelphia
Surrogates: State Senator Allison Schwartz, Postal workers, Businesses for Working Mom's award winner
Activity 2: Press conference at Mellon Square, in Pittsburgh
Surrogates: Sam Bellin, FMLA advocate and manager of a seniors center, Sarah Bellin, research scientist at University of Pittsburgh and FMLA advocate, Jim Carroll, an attorney that has handed FMLA cases, Lisa Georgetti, Children's Hospital

Activity: Tour of neonatal ICU at Women’s and Infant Hospital
Surrogates: Congressman, Senatorial candidate Jack Reed, Doctors, nurses, labor leaders and Citizen's Bank employees

Activity 1: Press conference at family's home.
Surrogates: Family that has benefitted from FMLA, Pro-FMLA business owners
Activity 2: Radio interviews
Surrogates: Dr. Jack Billion

Activity 1: Visit to Johnson City Medical Center Children’s Hospital and roundtable discussion at Ronald McDonald House, in Johnson City
Principal: Tipper Gore

Activity 2: Roundtable discussion at private home, in Clarksville
Principal: Tipper Gore
Surrogates: Jeff and Tamara Kelly, hosts, Families that have benefited from FMLA

Activity: Roundtable discussion at Zilker Park, in Austin
Surrogates: Leslie Hernandez, National Association of Social Workers, Cathy Mellgren, Communications Workers of America, Dr. Cindy Mangie, a pediatrician, and her children

Activity: Roundtable discussion at local hospital
Surrogates: State Sen. Millie Peterson

Activity: Op-eds, letters to the Editor, radio interviews

Activity: Open Letter from Senator Murray, Roundtable discussion at local hospital
Surrogates: Gary Locke, Gubernatorial candidate, and families

Activity: Press conference in Racine
Surrogates: Lydia Spottswood, Congressional candidate, Ellen Bravo, 9 to 5 Group (pro-FMLA group), State Senator Kim Plache, State Representative Bob Turner

Activity: Op-eds and letters to the Editor

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