Clinton/Gore '96

September 9, 1996


When it comes to Family Medical Leave, Bob Dole just doesn't get it. On Saturday he repeated his opposition to Family Medical Leave and announced his opposition to the President's plan to extend the program. That announcement prompted his campaign to issue a hastily prepared clarification statement.

Back on the stump today in Florida, Bob Dole could not help himself and was at it again. Bob Dole repeated his view that government has no role in dealing with the family emergencies covered under the Family Medical Leave Act. Bob Dole's opposition says families should be forced to choose between their family and their job.

Once again, Bob Dole is out of the political mainstream. Twelve million American families have benefited from guaranteed time off in times of family emergencies. Nine out of ten businesses surveyed found the Family Medical Leave did not adversely affect their companies.

Now, the President is seeking to expand the program so that families can attend parent-teacher conferences and doctor appointments. Bob Dole even opposes this modest extension.

Bob Dole wonders why he suffers from a gender gap. Dole should look no further than his opposition to Family Medical Leave.


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