It's the Economy, Stupide
Clinton/Gore '96

September 26, 1996


Bob Dole says the economy is in the tank, there is no consumer confidence and household incomes are falling. Recent statistics show the economy growing at 4.8 percent, consumer confidence at a six year high and today’s census report shows the largest increase in household incomes in a decade.

With this track record for predictions, it might be time for Bob Dole to find a new issue.

While Bob Dole continues his negative attacks on the economy, President Clinton is working to build on our economic success with targeted tax cuts and a balanced budget.

Here are just some of the highlights form the 1995 census report:

  • Poverty Rate Fell To 13.8 Percent -- Biggest Drop In Over A Decade.

  • Typical Family Income Up $1,631 Since The President's Economic Plan Passed.

  • The Largest Decline In Income Inequality In 27 Years.

  • The Number Of People In Poverty Fell By 1.6 Million -- Largest Drop In 27 Years.

  • Elderly Poverty Rate Dropped To 10.5 Percent -- Lowest Level Ever.

  • Biggest Drop In Child Poverty In 20 Years. In 1995, the child poverty rate declined from 21.8 percent to 20.8 percent -- that's the largest one-year drop since 1976.

  • Largest Drop In The Poverty Rate of Female-Headed Households In 30 Years.

  • The African-American Poverty Rate Dropped To It Lowest Level In History. Under President Clinton, The Typical African-American Family's Income Is Up $3,000.


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