Clinton/Gore '96

September 4, 1996


Bob Dole's latest commercial attacking the growing economy shows how out of touch his campaign has become.

Last week, we learned that the economy grew at a 4.8% rate in the second quarter of this year, consumer confidence is at a 6-year high, and housing starts were up nearly 8% in July. And this week, a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll found that a majority of Americans believe that economic conditions are improving and that we are on the right track for the 21st Century, and the number of Americans satisfied with the way things are going in the country has tripled since 1992. [USA Today, 9/4/96]

Under President Clinton's leadership, private-sector economic growth has averaged 3.2% annually, compared to 1.3% under President Bush and 3.0% under President Reagan. Unemployment is now 5.4% -- the 23rd consecutive month below 6% -- down from 7.5% four years ago. The budget deficit has been cut by more than 60%. We have the highest home ownership rate in 15 years. The combined rate of unemployment, inflation, and mortgage rates is the lowest in 28 years. And earlier this month, Barron's magazine concluded -- in a comprehensive analysis -- that President Clinton's economic record is stronger than any Administration in more than three decades. [Barron's, August 12, 1996]

Even Bob Dole himself -- the same Bob Dole who now attacks Bill Clinton on the economy -- said at a campaign event this past February, "It is also true, as some have said, that the economy is the strongest it's been in 30 years." [Remarks to New Hampshire State Legislature, 2/13/96 -- released by Dole Campaign, 2/20/96]

These facts -- in contrast, to Bob Dole's ad -- show clearly that President Clinton's economic policies are working. Now is no time to turn back.

Experts agree that Bob Dole's risky last minute economic scheme is the wrong approach because it will balloon the deficit, raise mortgage rates, and require even more extreme cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, education, and the environment than Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole fought for -- and President Clinton vetoed -- last year.

President Clinton has the right approach to take America into the next century: balance the budget, targeted tax cuts for education, child-rearing, and home ownership, open trade, and increased investments in our children and our future.


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