Clinton/Gore '96

October 21, 1996


President Clinton’s economic leadership has improved the lives of America’s working families by increasing American workers’ incomes and keeping inflation low and stable. Today’s economic report is further proof that President Clinton’s economic policies put America on the right track.

The economy has grown at a rate of nearly three percent this year -- far stronger than the Republican Congress forecasted even if their budget had been passed. We now have 10.5 million new jobs and an unemployment rate of 5.2 percent -- not surprisingly, consumer confidence is at a six year high.

Here are the facts:

Economic growth this year has averaged 2.9% (at an annual rate) -- far surpassing CBO expectations of 2.0% and OMB’s projected growth of 2.2%.

The private sector grew 3.0% in the third quarter (at an annual rate). Under President Clinton, the private sector has grown 3.2% per year, compared to 1.3% under President Bush and 3.0 percent under President Reagan.

Business investment increased at a remarkable 18.9% annual rate in the last quarter. Under President Clinton, investment has increased at an 11.1% rate -- stronger than any Administration since President Kennedy.

President Clinton’s record of fiscal leadership is strong and clear. The American people know they can count on him to provide the economic security and fiscal responsibility needed to lead our country into the 21st century.

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