Clinton/Gore '96

September 16, 1996


When it comes to fighting crime, Bob Dole is running on empty.

From his one-liners to his policy prescriptions, Bob Doleís performance today might just be a violation of copyright law. Virtually all of the proposals Candidate Dole outlined today have already been implemented by the Clinton Administration -- over the active opposition of Senator Dole. Bob Dole even resorted to stealing one-liners from the President. A September 28, 1992 press release from the Clinton/Gore campaign included the following line: "... when it comes to fighting crime, George Bush talks like Clint Eastwood, but his record looks like Barney Fife."

Candidate Dole said today that he wants to cut youth drug use by 50 percent. But Senator Dole voted to cut the Presidentís "Safe and Drug Free Schools" initiative by 50 percent. Candidate Dole said he wanted to provide more funding for prison construction. But Senator Dole voted against the Presidentís 1994 Crime Bill which provided $7.9 billion for new prisons. Candidate Dole said he wants to establish an instant computer check to prevent criminals from illegally buying guns. But Senator Dole led the Republican fight against the Brady Bill which provides funds for a national Instant Check system. In short, when Bob Dole had a chance to act, he chose to "just say no."

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery -- but we wish Bob Dole had decided to support the Presidentís anti-crime agenda when he was in office and could actually do something about it.

Not only did the national Fraternal Order of Police endorse the Presidentís crime fighting initiatives today, so did Bob Dole.


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