Clinton/Gore '96

August 22, 1996


Bob Doleís latest opposition to efforts to restrict tobacco sales to children, labeling the FDA regulations a "campaign gimmick", is consistent with his repeated opposition to the Presidentís efforts to fight drug abuse among teenagers.

Bob Dole voted against the creation of the Presidentís Safe and Drug Free School program in 1994. In 1995, Bob Dole then voted to cut the program by 51%. Bob Dole also led the filibuster against legislation that would impose tougher sentence for school-yard drug dealers. This year, the Republican congress proposed cutting $767 million from the Drug Control Budget and rejected a $15 million Youth Drug Awareness mass media campaign.

First, Bob Dole opposed the Presidentís Safe and Drug Free School Program. Then Bob Dole sent the message that tobacco wasnít necessarily addictive. Now, Bob Dole says FDA regulations to restrict tobacco sales to children are a campaign gimmick.

Bob Dole is demonstrating the difference between following and leading. Bob Dole seems more interested in protecting the tobacco lobby than protecting children. President Clinton is standing up for the interests of children.


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