For Immediate Release: Top Business Executives Endorse President Clinton
Clinton/Gore '96


President Clinton was endorsed today by 40 of the nation’s top business leaders who called him "the right ‘Chief Executive Officer’ to lead America into the twenty-first century." The leaders represent a cross-section of businesses from Wall Street to Main Street. They are part of a group of business executives who will help showcase the contributions of the President’s economic policies to the economy and to business.

Laura D’Andrea Tyson, who is the National Economic Advisor, offered remarks on behalf of the President. She was joined by Mack McLarty, who is a Senior Advisor to the President and Alexis Herman, a Special Assistant to the President.

The executives are a diverse group, including Democrats and Republicans, from some of America’s largest and most successful businesses. They praised the President’s economic achievements.

"Over the last four years, President Clinton has proven that he is the right ‘Chief Executive Officer’ to lead America into the twenty-first century," said Paul A. Allaire, Chairman of Xerox. "Whether it is creating jobs, cutting the deficit, expanding trade, or investing in education and technology, the President has shown leadership."

"The numbers tell the story of President Clinton’s success," added Lazard-Freres’ Steve Rattner. "Ten million new jobs, including millions of high-wage jobs, have been created. The stock market is up 2000 points and the deficit is less than half of what it was in 1992. America is back."

John Bryan of Sara Lee discussed the President’s record of opening up world markets. "President Clinton has fought to open world trade markets for U.S. exports and fought against unfair competition overseas. American businesses have had more than 30 percent growth in exports since the President took office," said Bryan.

Gabriel Batista, a Republican and the President and CEO of Cable & Wireless, praised the President’s record of investment in education and technology. "The President has cut the deficit but protected the investments that America needs to remain competitive in the global economy: education, research, and technology." Kathy Haycock, President and CEO of Call-America and also a Republican, discussed the view from Main Street. “I am a Republican, but I am also a small businessperson, and the choice could not be clearer. Bill Clinton is a friend of small business.”

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