Clinton/Gore '96

October 2, 1996


Today marks the four year anniversary of Bob Dole’s votes to stall action on the Crime Bill -- votes which successfully killed the Brady Bill provision. This was not his first vote against gun control legislation. In fact, Bob Dole has long opposed the Brady Bill -- voting against similar legislation as early as 1985. Bob Dole’s stalling techniques might be a mistake once, but time after time?

Bob Dole did not think it was a mistake. On November 27, 1993, on the CBS Evening News, Dole stated, "[W]ill [the Brady bill] make much difference? Probably not." Once again, Bob Dole was wrong. To date, the Brady Law has prevented more than 60,000 felons, fugitives, and other criminals from buying handguns.

The difference between President Clinton and Bob Dole on the Brady Bill could not be more clear. President Clinton is providing leadership that protects families and fights crime. Senator Dole has opposed him every step of the way.


Bob Dole: Against the Brady Bill

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