Clinton/Gore '96

September 30, 1996


The FY 1997 Omnibus Budget bill passed by the House of Representatives and expected to be passed by the Senate today is further proof that Democrats and Republicans are embracing the priorities set by President Clinton. This budget reflects the Presidentís goals to expand opportunity, demand responsibility, and build strong communities. It is a validation of his commitment to balance the budget without undermining our values.

This bill is a victory for the American people.

It is fair: There are no cuts in Medicare and Medicaid.
It is forward-looking: Education for our youth is protected and enhanced with additional support for schools, Head Start, the Safe and Drug Free Schools initiative, student loans for college and Goals 2000 education reforms.
It is tough: Increases the commitment for fighting terrorism, extends the Brady Bill to ban people guilty of domestic violence misdemeanors from purchasing guns.

What a difference a year makes. Last year, Republicans shut down the government in an attempt to force the extreme ideology of the Dole/Gingrich "revolution" on the American people. This year, with Bob Dole out of the Congress, Congress has taken the measured approach advocated by President Clinton and supported by the American people.


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