Clinton/Gore '96


Today, July 8, 1996, the Clinton/Gore '96 campaign begins running an advertisement entitled "First Time." The text of the ad follows:

First Time

These children are trying smoking for the first time.

One will die from the habit.

President Clinton says stop ads that teach our children to smoke.

But Bob Dole opposes an FDA limit on tobacco ads that appeal to children; Says cigarettes aren't necessarily addictive; Some say milk is bad for kids too, Dole says.

But three thousand children start smoking everyday.

One thousand will die from it -- one of three.

Bob Dole or President Clinton -- Who is really protecting our children?

Copies of the ad are available at Clinton/Gore '96 headquarters. Please call the press office at call 202-496-1037.


Paid for by Clinton/Gore ’96 General Committee, Inc.