Clinton/Gore '96

September 10, 1996


Today, September 10, 1996, the Clinton/Gore ‘96 campaign announces a new ad entitled "Look". The ad is a revised version of the ad "Running" which was released September 6, 1996. The text of the ad follows:


Bob Dole, attacking the President.

But under President Clinton 10 million new jobs; taxes cut for 15 million working families, proposes tax credits for college tuition.

Dole voted to raise payroll taxes. Social Security taxes. The ‘90 income tax increase. 900 billion in higher taxes.

And look closely at his risky tax scheme -- he’d actually raise taxes on 9 million working families.

Bob Dole. 35 years in Washington. 35 years of higher taxes.

VHS and beta copies of the ad are available for media organizations. For more information, please call the press office at 202/496-1037.


Paid for by Clinton/Gore ’96 General Election Committee, Inc.