For Immediate Release: Campaign Releases New Advertisement
Clinton/Gore '96

August 15, 1996


Today, August 15, 1996, the Clinton/Gore ‘96 campaign begins running a new advertisement entitled "Real Ticket". The text of the ad follows:

Real Ticket

The Oval Office.

If it were Bob Dole sitting here...

He would have already cut Medicare $270 billion dollars.

Toxic polluters off the hook.

No to the Brady Bill...60,000 criminals allowed to buy handguns.

Slashed education.

President Clinton stood firm and defended our values.

But next year, if Newt Gingrich controls Congress and his partner, Bob Dole, enters the Oval Office, they’ll be nobody there to stop them.

(President Clinton. Protecting our values.)

VHS and Beta copies of the ad are available at Clinton/Gore ‘96 headquarters. Please call the press office at 202/496-1037.


Paid for by Clinton/Gore ’96 General Committee, Inc.