Clinton/Gore '96

October 8, 1996


Today, October 8, 1996, the Clinton/Gore ‘96 campaign announces a new ad entitled, "Preserve" This ad will be released to limited markets. The text of the ad follows:


[Dole] "I will be the President who preserves and strengthens and protects Medicare."

[Dole] " I was there, fighting the fight, voting against Medicare, one of twelve, because we knew it wouldn’t work."

Last year, Dole/Gingrich tried to cut Medicare $270 billion.

[Dole] "Give children a chance in life, give them an education."

[Dole] "We’re going to eliminate the Department of Education. We don’t need it in the first place. I didn’t vote for it in 1979."

Dole tried to slash college scholarships.

[Dole] "Voting against Medicare."

Wrong in the Past.

[Dole] "We’re going to eliminate the Department of Education."

Wrong for our future.

VHS and beta copies are available for media organizations. For more information, please call the press office at 202/496-1037.


Paid for by Clinton/Gore ’96 General Election Committee, Inc.