Clinton/Gore Releases New Ad
Clinton/Gore '96

October 4, 1996


Today, October 4, 1996, the Clinton/Gore ‘96 campaign announces a new ad entitled, “Next Century.” The text of the ad follows:

Next Century

Let me say to you that I am honored to have been given the opportunity to stand up for the values and the interests of Welfare Reform, Work Requirements
ordinary Americans. My job as President is Medicare, Education Protected
to take care of the American people Deficit Cut 60%
And I have done my best to take care of this country Taxes cut for 15,000,000 families
We are safer, Death Penalty for Drug Kingpins
we are more secure, we are prosperous, A Growing Economy: 10,000,000 more new jobs
but in the end, For the Future...Expand Family & Medical Leave
what we stand for, For the Future...Ban "cop killer" bullets
the values we embrace and the things we fight for will shape the future that we will all live with. $1500 tax credit for college tuition/job training
If we hold out our hands in cooperation, protect children from toxic waste
but always stand up Capital Gains Tax cut for home owners
for what we know is right. This country’s future Balance the Budget for a growing economy
Will be even brighter than it’s brilliant past. It is our responsibility to make that happen. Building a Bridge to the 21st Century


Paid for by Clinton/Gore ’96 General Committee, Inc.