Dole in Elizabethtown, PA
Clinton/Gore '96

October 2, 1996


Bob Dole must be spending too much time in debate prep. He has lost touch with the real world.

Only in Bob Doleís world can he travel to Elizabethtown College — the place where he voted against aid for its buildings — and pose as a friend of students. Bob Dole has a history of opposing student loans, opposing the creation of Americorps and specific opposition to a grant that would have aided the students of Elizabethtown (1963 Higher Education Facilities Act). Bob Dole has been voting against these students since before they were born.

Only in Bob Doleís world is the economy "in the tank" and opportunities for the nationís youth non-existent. In the real world, the economy has a strong and sustained growth with:

In Bob Doleís world, heíll win the debates with President Clinton if he "shows up." The American people are hoping Bob Dole "shows up" ready to admit that, by his own numbers, it will take 40 percent cuts in domestic areas such as education, the environment, and Border Patrols and even deeper cuts in Medicare and Medicaid than the 1995 Dole/Gingrich budget to pay for his $548 billion tax scheme.

The real world requires real answers and hard work; merely "showing up" wonít pass muster with the American people.


Note: The Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963 (H.R. 6143) provided over six hundred colleges, universities, and graduate schools with federal grants and loans for the construction or improvement of academic buildings and libraries. The Act was signed into law by President Johnson on December 16, 1963. On November 6, 1963, Dole voted against the conference report of the Higher Education Facilities Act.

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